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Thank your excellent work and I do appreciate your comments – they have certainly boosted my confidence. With your recruiters hat – please select the CV you think would have a better impact. Sorry to put you on the spot, but I have developed a respect for your work.

Parminder, Executive Director & Management Consultant

Why PersonalCVCoach?

Our IPD-qualified Coach understands full well the ups and downs of finding a new job or changing your career in a highly competitive and volatile employment market.  Whilst CV’s have always played their part, it is imperative in this age of technology, that they are standing out from crowd.  Whilst it is true your CV is a historical record of your employment and shows employers what you have done to date, it is so much more than that and should be thought of as a marketing tool to land you the right position.  It takes seconds to disregard a CV from the short listing process and this is where our Coach has years of experience.  She will work hard on your new CV to ensure that it has greater impact and grabs the reader’s attention.

As a successful HR, Recruitment and Business Manager, our Coach has spent many years appraising and short listing CV’s for employers across various industry sectors.  A Fellow of the Institute of Recruitment Professionals, she has worked within many recruitment frameworks, and has pro-actively assisted job seekers in their search for the right position.   This has included recruiting at all levels within the legal, construction, financial services, insurance and general commercial markets and clients who have used her recruitment and CV writing services in the past  have found her honest and pragmatic approach refreshing.

Its all about you...

Our Coach takes pride in creating a CV or range of CV's that are tailored to your needs.  The process is not just about reshaping or starting your CV from scratch; you will also receive invaluable advice and support from an experienced recruiter who is in tune with the employment market and the challenges you face.  If you are simply after a CV template, then this service is probably not for you.