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Professional Suite

Beat off the competition with this professionally prepared 2-CV package in a format of your choice. Opt for the first one in a traditional chronological format, and the other in a skills based format, allowing recruiter’s to clearly focus in on your relevant key skills, expertise and achievements.   It’s your choice and we are happy to advise you accordingly on what might work best for you.  

Ideal for those of you who are:

*  Seeking permanent and/or consultancy/interim work with a format that works well for either.  

*  Offering a broad range of skills and requiring clearer definition for different types of jobs.

Includes: Full telephone consultation, careers advice, 2 CV’s, 1 cover letter, 2 CV refocuses, plus free minor updates at any time ie., change in contact details, qualifications and employment dates.

professional suite Mail: consult@personalcvcoach.co.uk?subject=personalcvcoach - Professional&body=Please let us know as much details as possible CV Options